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Art, Poetry and More

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agro art cover.jpg

Agro Art Photography

art page chairs.jpg

Rusty Porch Chairs

art page laundry.jpg

The Color of Laundry

art page freds creek.jpg

Fred's Creek

art page lights creet.jpg

 Water Over Rocks In Lights Creek

art page hay stacks.jpg

Haystacks in Indian Valley

art page purple flowers.jpg

Purple Wildflowers

art page ducks.jpg

Ducks in a Row

art page gargoyle.jpg

Gargoyles in the Garden

art page snake.jpg

 Snake Slithering up the Old Oroville Oak Tree

art page terra cotta.jpg

Bisbee Pots

Totem small.jpg

Stone Totem On Lights Creek 

art page swimming hole.jpg

Swimming Hole

art page trees.jpg

Trees on the Farm

art page yellow flowers.jpg

Wildflowers After The Fire

dead tree.jpg

Tortured Tree

web Grey Ladies.jpg

Grey Ladies
11" X 14" Canvas $135.00

abandoned swing.jpg

Abandoned Swing
11" X 14" Canvas $95.00

web On Jacksons Port.jpg

Jackson at Port
11" X 14" Canvas $135.00

web old rusty car.jpg

Rusty Car
11" X 14" Canvas $95.00

web On The Water.jpg

Going Into The Mist
11" X 14" Canvas $135.00

web On Frozen lake.jpg

Frozen Lake
11" X 14" Canvas $95.00

web Snow Tree.jpg

 Pinon Pine Standing in Snow
11" X 14" Canvas $95.00

web mirror house.jpg

Reflecting House
11" X 14" Canvas $135.00

art page cows.jpg

Catching Cows Looking at Me What Do They See?

Both Belts.jpg

Authentic Navajo Belts 

Thin Belt 2.jpg

  Thin Style Belt $65.00

Thick Belt.jpg

Wide Style Belt $85.00 

T-Shirts From A Trip To The Art Stands
T shirt front.jpg

  Shirt Front 

Bear Paw Shirt.jpg

Bear Paw

Dream Catcher Shirt.jpg

Dream Catcher

Wolf Shirt.jpg


T-Shirts are available in youth sizes XS - L

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