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Our Mission Statement

The roots of my creative endeavors I believe developed as a child as I visited my grandparents who lived on a farm in the foothills above Oroville in Northern California.  I always loved the beautiful oaks and pines, the running creeks and the grand Feather River, the old barns and farm houses, the fields of hay, apple orchards, the farm animals especially the goats and geese.   Even at a young age the sight of these things excited me and inspired me to take pictures with my small instamatic Kodak camera and write poetry about my experience and feelings.  This inspiration has remained timeless for me as Rose Oaks Farm is now mine today to keep its heritage, culture, and beauty.

Today, in my work I attempt to create a visual and verbal emotion evoked by the beauty of the rural landscape and the small farms with their aesthetic diverse scenery of animals and agriculture.  I try to capture both visually and in word the experience of the real place in the moment, and also the place when it is in interaction with the creative spirit of the artist and/or the people who call farm their home.

Without the cell phones, laptops, high-speed internet connections, all of the work connectivity that seems to now consume us, I find a sense of balance in nature and nature refreshes and restores me giving me spiritual strength.  Time seems to just slow down in nature.  The moment becomes extended.  My mind opens to imagination and the sights and sounds of natural things like the clarity of water over rocks and the sound of it moving over the rocks fuel my creative spirit.  Through my photography and poetry I can share this gift of nature with others and hopefully re-create the experience and the emotion for them.

Jeanne Maree Iacono

Lunada Press, LLC

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