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Goats In Pajamas

by Jeanne Maree Iacono


Goats In Pajamas


Jeanne Maree Iacono


Photos by Cindi Davis

Music and Lyrics by Sandy Sherman


The playful days of three adopted goats, Quinn Lee, Hazel Bee and Ollie Bear, and their new mom Cindi. Goats having fun on the farm dressing up and having visits from their friends. Join the three baby goats as they explore the farm, meet new friends, and cuddle in for a good nights rest. 

About The Author:


jeanne For back cover.jpg

Jeanne Maree Iacono is a teacher and an educational writing specialist who creates material for children. She has also been a managing editor for an international educational children’s publisher. She is a freelance writer in the fields of photo journalism and fiction for children and adults. Jeanne Maree is the contributing author of over a hundred scientific biographies for Van Nostrand’s Scientific Encyclopedia 9th and 10th editions. She has had mystery stories published in Highlights for Children, and is the author of over a dozen children’s books.

Cindi for bio.jpg

Cindi Davis grew up in a home that always had animals. Her mother worked for the California Humane Society. Cindi’s passion for animals grew from there. She believes goats are the coolest animals next to dogs, and her first Christmas Eve in Utah she brought home her first goat.

About The Photographer:

Jeanne Maree has spent memorable times on her grandparents farm in the Oroville foothills as a child playing with the goats in the fields. Today she enjoys time with her own goats on her farm in Utah.

About The Composer:

Sandy Sherman (2).jpg

Sandy Sherman's songs have delighted millions of children and include songs for Disney Records (including a gold record), Buena Vista Videos, LeapFrog Toys, Educational Insights Toys,  Learning Curve Toys, Disney Channel, Shari Lewis, The Children's Television Workshop, Hal Leonard Music Publishing and children's musical theater.  Her inspirational Chanukah song, "There's Something About Those Candles" is on its way to becoming a holiday standard.

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