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Death on the Moon

by Jeanne Maree Iacono

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Jeanne Maree Iacono


A murder mystery that is out of this world! 

Time and crime are intertwined between the Earth and the moon.   Detective Robin Mulvaina is hired by Barish International to find out why the company is having financial problems and construction accidents while building a moon base.

When the project manager of Lunar Base Camp is murdered, Mulvaina realizes there is more to the Barish International investigation than he was hired to solve.

People, like ghosts, bypass the moon's high-tech security system and people's identities are often not as they appear.  A lunarcrete key opens doors to answers that include high dollar mining rights and a black market for pods marked Helium-3.  A plot unravels full of evil greed, evil deeds, and dead bodies.

Mulvaina's own life becomes a death target.   He teams up with Helms, his accountant assistant, and Julie, an executive moon-base secretary, to uncover shocking secrets, and find the common links that lead to the killer or killers.

Death on the Moon is a fast paced dynamic merger of a 

murder mystery and science fiction story.”

~ Bernadette Shih, Author


"Iacono's novel illustrates man's future on the Moon will always be 

tethered to Earth by his own moral character."

~Glenn D. Considine, Editor-in-Chief

Van Nostrand's Scientific Encyclopedia Tenth Edition

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