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Rebecca Rose

Not Broken Just Human


You can also read some of Rebecca Rose's poems on our Coffee House Express Page
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More Books by Rebecca Rose
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Rebecca Rose, aka RRA

is an emerging new poet with a deeply honest and brave voice. Her repetitive lines in her poem "I Can't Breathe" (which you can find on our Coffee House Express page) capture the personal stress the poet feels and also pushes the reader forward with urgency to see the destructive nature of mankind if the social and political event of the poem is left unresolved

In addition, RAA likes to express her creativity through photography and drawing. For fun, she trail rides her horse, LoneStar.

Rebecca Rose's new book, "Not Broken Just Human", marks her debut as a new poet and storyteller. She shares her personal journey through her young adult depression and hopes her thoughts, words, and feelings will have a positive outcome for her readers.

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Rebecca Rose

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