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A Trip To The Art Stands

by Jeanne Maree Iacono

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A Trip To The Art Stands


Jeanne Maree Iacono

Illustrated By Tristan Betony

Here’s an exciting story that invites you to join a family on a car trip across America’s Southwest and experience the variety of Native American art stands along the roadside.

This book makes an excellent read-to-book for children pre-school through third grade and is a read-aloud choice for children as young as fourth grade.  Its detailed illustrations and educational content make it appealing to young people through sixth grade, at least.

Illustrations are organized in “field trip” format and take children to a variety of art stands. Children will enjoy the engaging art by a Navajo artist that is filled with a mix of traditional design and innovative new art style. There are displays of cradle boards, Navajo jewelry, dolls, pottery, and much more.

Teachers will discover this book is a valuable resource because its visual presentation will evoke an appreciation for the variety and beauty of Native arts and crafts.  Its story line is rich in information about many of the artistic items and helps develop children’s social awareness of the Native American culture.                                 

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