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A Trip To Oroville's Chinese Temple

by Jeanne Maree Iacono

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A Trip To Oroville's Chinese Temple

A Learn-About Book on California's Historic Liet Sheng Kong


Jeanne Maree Iacono

Illustrations by Jo Charleston

Many early Chinese immigrants came to California to mine for gold and build railroads. They built many temples and shrines in California.  Today, the Liet Sheng Kong Temple in Oroville is an important historical monument.


This book offers children a visual "field trip visit" through Oroville's  Liet Sheng Kong Temple and Museum Complex.  Children will learn interesting information about the cultural beliefs and ways of life of the early Chinese immigrants such as the color red is the symbol of joy, happiness, and good luck, and the temple has no windows in order to keep out evil spirits, and also, door guardians protected entrances to mansions and city gates.


Children will enjoy the illustrations of museum artifacts such as parade swords, sedan chair scenes, Chinese dolls and children's shoes with "cat eye" tips.  Most of all, this inter-active book engages children throughout its pages.  Especially fun is the do-and-learn activity on shadow  puppets, one of the most enchanting Chinese cultural treasurers for storytelling.

About The Author and Illustrator:

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Author: Jeanne Maree Iacono is a teacher and an educational writing specialist who creates material for children. She has also been a managing editor for an international educational children’s publisher. She is a
freelance writer in the fields of photo-journalism and fiction for children and adults. Jeanne Maree  has been the

contributing author of over a hundred scientific biographies for Van Nostrand’s Scientific Encyclopedia 9th and 10th editions.  She has had mystery stories published in Highlights for Children, and is the author of over a dozen children’s books.


Jeanne Maree has spent memorable times in Oroville since childhood at her grandparents ranch in the Oroville foothills. Today she is a proud member of The Artists of River Town (A.R.T.) and has had the honor of being the featured artist at the A.R.T. Gallery and at the Centennial Cultural Center.

Illustrator: Jo Charleston lived in Oroville for over 15 years.  She was a self-taught artist painting portraits to murals and also a working calligrapher. Jo was a contributing artist to the Artist of River Town (A.R.T) and a well loved member of the Oroville community.

Praise For A Trip to Oroville’s Chinese Temple


“A Trip to Oroville's Chinese Temple is very interesting and informative.
I felt as though I was actually on a tour at the Temple. I highly recommend you read this book.”
~ Bernadette L. Shih, Author of “Ling Ling, The Most Beautiful Giant Panda In The World “, “Ping Ping Panda”

“Children of all ages will enjoy the interactive activities

this book has to offer.”
~ Machelle Conn, Local Arts Advocate

"This book was both engaging and educational.  The author, Jeanne Maree Iacono, highlighted many Chinese artifacts children would find interesting. She said just enough so children would want to actually see them in the displays. Jo Charleston, the illustrator, showed the intricacy of design done by hand by Chinese women. Her drawings create a desire to see the silk embroideries in person. I believe children between 8 to 14 would enjoy and benefit from reading this book.”
~ Janice Clay, Lead Chinese Temple Docent—expertise acquired
through personal long term residency in China

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