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A Special Gift For Mother

by Jeanne Maree Iacono

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A Special Gift For Mother


Jeanne Maree Iacono

Illustrations by Tim Hurley


Rosie sees how busy and tired her mother is and wants to help lift her mother’s spirits. Join Rosie on her magical adventure as she meets fairies and wishes for a special gift for her mother. This story will delight children and make story time special, too.

About The Author:


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Jeanne Maree Iacono is a teacher and an educational writing specialist who creates material for children. She has also been a managing editor for an international educational children’s publisher. She is a freelance writer in the fields of photo journalism and fiction for children and adults. Jeanne Maree is the contributing author of over a hundred scientific biographies for Van Nostrand’s Scientific Encyclopedia 9th and 10th editions. She has had mystery stories published in Highlights for Children, and is the author of over a dozen children’s books.

About The Artist:

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Tim Hurley is a Southern California freelance artist who illustrates through traditional and digital media.  His current work concentrates on a marriage and
harmony of mixed media utilizing pen and ink, Prismacolors, and also fabric/glass paints, wood, clay and found art. He is a member of the Palos Verdes Art Center and has the distinction of winning awards over the years from the Palos Verdes Community Art Show.  Tim enjoys volunteering his artistic time and often creates art work for charitable silent auctions especially for the Sunshine Kids Foundation.

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